Tuesday, June 27, 2006


My company has been forced to accept certain degrees of telecommuting over the years. You'd think we were based in Sibera with all the trouble we have finding qualified candidates. To mitigate this, we have hired people from other states to work remotely or retained people after they have moved away for whatever reason.

One of my peers decided to move to California in search of better weather (better than DC with our standard 92 degrees with 98% humidity? What a dreamer.). He's an interesting guy. He's married yet I've had extensive discussions with him about sewing curtains, keeping petunias safe from backyard bunnies, and the saturated fat content of olive oil. I think its called being a metrosexual now. Anyway. He wasn’t online today, which around here means you have been abducted by aliens or are possibly dead. We are all online, all the time. I sent him an email to probe.

I said: "Where are you? You're not online."

He said: "I'm either:
1) Moving again.
2) Having my toes done.
3) Watching American Movie Classics all day.
4) Drifting in and out of consciousness in my chair."

I'm totally unsure which one to pick.


Ann said...

Found your blog via Amazon - I am reading Eat, Pray, Love. I am not really liking it so needed some inspiration and thought book reviews might do it.

Great blog - very funny. Might stay for a while and laugh a bit more than I have been with the book.

Amy said...

Thanks Ann! Glad you stopped by- welcome to my VERY EXCLUSIVE club of commenters ;-)

Anonymous said...


I simply found your blog via a google search, while looking for telecommuting work opportunities. I guess the title of your entry today explains that one. Anyway, I'll probably stop back as you did at least bring a smile to my face - cute stuff. Do you have any suggestions for a college educated, former Executive assistant, seeking telecommuting work. Looking online is like searching through a maze of SCAM companies...one after the other. I'm not looking for a get rich scheme, just a telecommuting position with a reputable company. Any suggestions????
I know...you now feel like Dear Abby or something, huh??

Carolyn Lamberth

Amy said...


Actually I'd love to be Dear Abby, I have an opinion on pretty much everything :-) so now problem!

Depending on what your degree is, typical work from home things might include medical records processing (several legit firms), real estate (ok, not totally work at home and you need a license), editing, if you have any background there or computer/analyst work if you have any background. Its very hard to find a job where they hire you as a full time salaried worker and you can work at home, unless you have a specialized skill set they need. That said, lots of firms like IBM or Booz Allen have strong telecommuting programs. You may want to check out Working Mother magazine or something for more specific leads- since working moms are usually very interested in working at home (which actually is almost impossible if you dont have someone watching the kids). Anyway, good luck- sorry I didnt have anything more specific!