Friday, July 28, 2006

My Lance Bass Fan Website

Google is out of control. They clearly have way too much time and money on their hands. Have you checked out their "lab" page recently? They have developed tools and programs for everything conceivable. It sick is what it is. From web searches for the blind to Googlized maps of mars to a tool to plan public transportation trips in Portland (and only Portland), Google has developed it. I love Google Suggest which apparently will offer you real time suggestions on better key words than the ones you are currently typing. Ever get annoyed by Microsoft Office trying to force words on you as you type? Yeah, its like that, for the web.

The one feature they don’t have is the one I was looking for. Naturally. After reading an article in today's paper about these 20 year old girls who were making $100,000 a month in Ad Sense revenue from their website which offers free MySpace templates, I decided to immediately jump on that rickety, overcrowded bandwagon (probably along with the Washington Post's 6 million other subscribers). But first, I needed to know what the hot search terms were so I could create a webpage that would lure them in like hungry minnows.

Except Google refuses to tell me. Unless I am to believe that "Lance Bass" is truly the top search term.

I asked my friend: "Do You think it's possible that Lance Bass is the top search term right now?"

She said: "Who is Lance Bass?"

I said: "You know, that gay singer from N synch that just came out of the closet?"

She said: "I'm so out of that scene"

I said: "look, trust me, Im no n-synch fan, but this was on CNN!"

She said: "I havent had the TV on today"

I said: "It was a couple days ago. Are you living in a cave with Osama?"

THEN she changed the subject. Very suspicious, no?

Well, I guess I should get to work on my "Lance Bass" Ad-Filled Website.


Ann said...

Can't say I was too current on the Lance Bass story - but did catch a glimpse of the cover story on a big name magazine as I ran through the check-out counter trying to keep track of my three young kiddos.

PS - still reading Eat Pray Love but have taken a break to read some Mideast history (I am both lack focuse and enlightenment.)

PS2 - day 2 of potty training left me with a poopy pair of undies (yuck)


Izzy said...

lol...I have the same fantasy of owning a website or blog that gets so many hits that the ads pays my bills and support me in style!