Thursday, October 19, 2006

My Triumphant Return to the Blogosphere

Well since it's been almost a month since I posted, you might imagine I have a large cache of stories to relay. Gosh, are you always so off? I really worry about your judgement.

Or perhaps you assumed that, thanks to my blog, I had become the newest Google Adsense Millionaire and was off spending my fortune on expensive face creams and weekend babysitters. I myself suspected I was building up quite an Adsense pot and you can only imagine my surprise when after showing remarkable restraint, I finally went and checked my Adsense account, only to discover I had earned a total of $.08. Yes, folks, that's 8 cents. I'm sure every penny counts, but it wasn’t enough motivation for me to figure out how to put the ads back on the blog when they were lost in my Blogger Beta upgrade. Take that Google!

The truth is less glamorous I'm afraid. I've just been busy and my son has been sick a lot. A few days ago I was up all night with him throwing up repeatedly (him, not me, though it crossed my mind). The next morning he was completely fine and chipper while I felt like I had been to an all night rave. I asked him if he was sick last night and he looked at me with a serious expression and said "I spit out my tounge. I made a mess." You can say that again.

So while I try to get back into the blogging mindset, I end with the winner for funniest IM today from a friend who told me about his trip to join a special tour for a NASA exhibition:

Mark (10:49:23 AM): So I printed out a map to get the the facility. It took me into this huge residential area instead of to the commercial district

Amy (10:49:28 AM): it sounds like my car's GPS system, you can be in the middle of a 5 lane highway not near and exit and it says "you have reached your destination"

Mark (10:49:42 AM): and i was like "this has got to be the oddest place ever for a govt bldg"

Mark (10:49:52 AM): so i called Nasa

Mark (10:50:06 AM): and they were like "oh, you must have used mapquest - this hapns all the time"

Mark (10:51:00 AM): kind of funny that the only agency on earth tasked with tracking devices traveling interplanetary and beyond, has wrong mapquest directions to its facility, and hasn't lobbied for that to be fixed

Amy (10:51:16 AM): that is funny

Mark (10:51:29 AM): so the receptionist is like:

Mark (10:52:29 AM): "i have no idea how to get you out of that neighborhood, but start heading for the mountains, and hopefully you hit a freeway - when you do, go north for about 10 mins and take exit whatever- you're totally fine - we don't start the tour for at least five more minutes"

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Ann said...

Sorry about the kiddos sickies - does take it out of you. Still laughing at the NASA story. Should I ever go, I will keep the Mapquest directions out of our planning.