Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alec's Hair

I recently entered Alec in a Disney contest for Crazy Baby Hair. How cute is he?

I went through elaborate steps to conceal my identity as a former blogger so they would not feel guilty awarding Alec the grand prize. That, and I couldnt remember my password to my original account and didnt want to wait for my old one to be reset via email. How insanely impatient am I? I entered the contest on the last day and took a picture of Alec 10 minutes before posting it. So yes, this is really his regular hairstyle.

As it happens, inexplictably we did not win (unless I have overlooked 3 emails and a certified letter arriving by June 16th).

Still, I think the picture is so cute so despite our defeat, I'm posting the link.

1 comment:

AnnD said...

I am still here - and you did finally post again. I think my kiddo could challenge your little one's hair if we hadn't gotten cut already four times (and he just turned one). Where do they get all that hair.

Glad to see you back.