Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Disney Makes The Most Difficult Decision Ever

Unfortunately I must announce that the Mouse & I broke up. It was amicable, we're still friends, I didn't come home and crush my Cinderella DVD in a rage or anything. However, apparently things are not going as well as hoped over at Disney's Family.com and they can no longer afford high-priced talent such as myself.

It was a difficult decision I was assured. I think it came down to me, or animating their next feature film. Word is, they seriously considered filming a manual flip-book of sketchs in order to divert funds to the soon to be defunct blog, Just Amy, but at the last minute decided to go the other way, something about not disappointing the children, or maybe they said stockholders.

I do think Disney should consider making friends with my buddy, Google, so that someone other than the bloggers might actually happen upon the site at some point.

As for me, I am coping as well as can be expected. Though I sort of liked being incentivized to write regularly, I also eyed that new-found hour or so per week with a sort of giddiness. What sort of leisure should I now undertake to fill this time?!

Then I remembered I was 37 weeks pregnant, so I guess that will take care of itself soon enough.

I do wish Disney well though; being a "professional writer" was a brief illustrious moment of glory in my writing career, which to this point had consisted mostly of Christmas Letters. They have a nice start to a site, hopefully they will be able to add some things and zing and pull it off in the end.

But worry not, rest assured you can find me here at ~One Day At A Time~ writing as erratically as ever, so in that sense, it's reassuring that some things will never ever change.


Rebecca said...

Get out of here! That was you??? I totally read the blogs on Disney Family!!!


Amy said...

Yes, it *was* :-)

Pinks & Blues Girls said...

Oh now that sucks... I used to read the family bloggers all the time! Well.. sit back and enjoy the next 3 weeks... !!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Girls