Monday, June 25, 2007

Some Funny, Some Not

Funny story...

One of my best friends from high school visited with her family overnight on her way to a beach vacation. Another one of our "group" also lives in town so we spent the precious few hours together catching up and mostly, laughing.

This friend was the first of us to have kids and now has three boys. She said, you know when Michael was small, I thought he was the most beautiful baby in the world. I thought to myself "I honestly should get him into commericals, think of the money I could make for his college! Now. Looking back at those pictures, I think 'oh, um, hmmm...."

Us girls dissolved into laughter. Who among us had not been convinced that their child is gorgeous at every age only to look upon the same pictures years later and think, "hmm, sort of awkward here isnt he?"

Not so funny story...

Same friend called 12 hours after leaving.

"I'm really sorry. I don't know what this means for you. Michael has the chicken pox."

So, after some frantic searching and hotline calls, I think I had them and think the baby and I will be fine. We'll find out about young Jack on Wednesday when the incubation period ends. Which is also the day his baby brother is coming. Wednesday is shaping up to be a busy day!

So, by the way, the chicken pox vaccine isn't 100% effective.


Kate said...

I've had them twice so be careful!

Great blog!

Ann said...

Hello there - have been missing in action (had a baby June 13 - maybe you knew that).

Either way ... good luck on Wednesday (or was that last Wednesday - if so congratulations - I have no concept of time, I blame it on the newborn).

C/S or not, the most important thing is a healthy babe. Don't let anyone question you & your doctors decisions. Of course, that is from someone who (in hindsight only) has a high from delivery sans medication [really it isn't so bad!]

Are you still publishing over yonder - I had a hard time signing on.