Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Mouse and I Ran Off Together

I know it’s been some long, hard and suspenseful weeks since I stopped posting here. No doubt you were beside yourselves trying to make sense of my last cryptic "I've been abducted by the professional blog world" post. Perhaps I overdid the drama on that in exchange for a few weeks off, it wouldn’t surprise me a bit, I'm so like that.

Anyway, I'm finally free to announce that my new blog is part of Disney's new website which was beta launched several days ago. is a parent-focused site that allows moms (or dads) direct communications between members and covers a variety of topics from parenting, to education to food and shopping, etc. You can read more information on it here. The site is actually beautifully designed; I was surprised when I saw it myself a few weeks before general release. When I was originally contacted for it, I figured they must be crazy or low budget, but it's one of the slickest looking parenting sites out there, so I can only imagine my One Day at a Time blog design served as inspiration that somehow helped them rise to the occasion.

Now what pivotal role do I play in this revolutionary new site? Well, if you are VERY persistent, you might be able to dig around enough to finally locate my new, let's call it my 'sister blog' "Just Amy" which will cover more of the fascinating parenting topics I cover in this blog, such as Jack's Potty Training Status. I knew it was only a matter of time before mainstream America came begging me for more information on that! You can find the rest of the bloggers here.

I will still continue to post on this blog from time to time, but my more frequent updates are likely to be on Disney's (spelled c-o-n-t-r-a-c-t) for a while until I get accustomed to the new publishing schedule and find that my blog wisdom knows no bounds and can fill HUNDREDS of blogs with new and interesting content every week.

I look forward to seeing you on and also back here on the home site. Ciao!

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