Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sunday's a popular blog carnival day, so I thought I'd run my own.

Obviously, this says a lot about me, and the probability of whether I'd install bronze statues of my likeness in unlikely event I am ever elected dictator of a country. However, since I blog "blind" on Disney's (egads, no metrics, I can't see who or why, or frankly if, anyone finds that blog) I thought I'd run a brief synopsis of the fascinating stories you might be missing.

Jack is progressing on
potty training. Hail be, its a miracle! Is he off diapers? Check it out to find out! (spoiler: not a chance).

I'm a product review extraordinaire. My insightful reviews on things such as
Britax Marathon car seats, Baby Crib Tents, Toy Laptops, and even Craigslist can be found on my blog, Just Amy.

Are you wondering just how fat and ungainly I have gotten with my latest pregnancy? You can find out
here, or here, or heck, here. And by the way, the gender results are in- I'm having a (click to find out)!

Also I gave a riveting foreign-correspondent-like report of our trip to the
Cheeca Lodge in Florida. Perhaps it's not a Middle East war zone, but it's has some very exciting accounts of automatic doors.

I've also decided not to
join the FBI, learned the hard way to keep jewelry on a lower deductible than your homeowners insurance, and finally reclaimed the affections of Jack from my husband, who had an impressive two year run.

I'm still hoping to get some original content out on this blog, but I'm juggling two jobs at work, plus Jack, plus constantly eating in the hopes of becoming the most huge pregnant woman ever, so my writing notes keep stacking up, but my actual writing, well, not so much. But do come and check out my posts at! I'm sure once I have two kids my time will totally free up. :-)

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